Dawgman.com Customer Service FAQ

I forgot my username / password, what do I do?

You can sign in with the email address that you used when you originally signed up with us.

Go to the Login screen and click the "Can't remember your password?" link.

We strongly encourage you to keep your contact information current for your account. In the event that you no longer have access to the original email address you used when you signed up, you will not be able to retrieve your password automatically. You may contact the web site administrator to request that the password be retrieved manually (this process may require 1-2 business days).

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HELP! I cannot access the member areas / I keep getting the sign up page.

First, try logging off and then log back in again, especially if this is a new membership. Normally, you will not have to do this. However, from time to time - your system may 'lose its cookies' (get out of synch with the web site) and you must reset your login info.

Still not working? Check your account status to make sure that your membership has not lapsed.

My account is in good standing, but I still cannot access the premium forums. What's next? At this point, there are only two things that may be impeding your access:
  1. Are cookies enabled on your system?
  2. Are you running any popup disabling software on your system?
  1. Enable cookies and log back in again.
  2. Disable your popup blocker for the moment, then login to the site. You can reactivate the popup blocker after you have successfully logged in.
If you continue to experience problems, even after you have confirmed the proper browser preferences are enabled, contact us and we'll put a technical rep on the problem.

Please supply your user name and password, and tell us exactly what is happening. CLICK HERE to contact the web site's administrator.

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What are cookies and why do I need them?

A "cookie" is a small text file which is written by your browser to your hard disk.

This file cannot do any damage to your system. It is not a program and it cannot read, write, or destroy any data on your hard disk. If the server you are visiting makes it so, some types of cookies can be used to track your visit on their system - figuring out your likes and dislikes to allow more targeted marketing. TheInsiders.com DOES NOT use cookies for this purpose.

The only thing that TheInsiders.com cookie remembers or tracks is that you are logged-in and if you are a paid subscriber.

Many problems related to staying logged in can be traced back to bad/corrupt cookies. The quick and easy way to correct the problem is to reset your cookies by simply logging out and then logging back in again:
  1. Go to the top of the web page.
  2. Click on the dropdown menu on the right side (near the top) that says, "My Account"
  3. Click on "Login/Logout"
  4. Click on "Logout and login as a different user"
  5. Login with your username and password.
Cookies must be enabled on your system if you wish to access the membership areas of the web site.

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I'm trying to subscribe to the Premium content but when I list my email address, I get an error message that tells me that "the email address is already in use by another account." How can that be?

You were probably signed up in the past (either for the messageboard, or for an old subscription).

If you do not remember the password that was associated with your email address, go to the Login screen and click the "Can't remember your password?" link.

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The system will not accept my credit card, yet I know it's valid.

It's probably not your card. The most common error is made when the system asks for your credit card BILLED TO address. You must type the address in EXACTLY as it appears on the billing statement, (including any errors). Note: "St" does NOT equal "Street" & "Cr" does not equal "Circle" etc. If the address is not a perfect match, the system will display a "Invalid Card" notice. This is simply a low-level security check to make sure that someone else is not using your card to register.

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How do I change or update my credit card information for the next billing?

Update the credit card information by clicking on the "My Account" link near the top of the page. Then click on "My Subscriptions" >> "Change my billing card."

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I cannot or will not pay by Credit Card, can I pay by check?

Yes, we can sign you up for one year at a time. The cost is just $119.95/year

Here is the address where you can send your check/money order.
    Make out a check for $119.95, payable to "Dawgman.com", and send it to:

    Dawgman.com - Attn: Kim Grinolds
    3900 East Valley Road Suite 200
    Renton, WA 98057
Please be sure to include a note with your email address so we can match it up with your web site login account.

**NOTE: We can only process orders for the Annual $119.95 Total Access Pass subscription. We cannot process payments for the six month, monthly, or magazine only subscriptions.

If you would like to order another Sports Washington/Dawgman.com package, please do so online with a credit card or contact the network call center directly at 1-888-501-5752, during business hours. Thank you for your interest.

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I've signed up for the Total Access Pass membership, why can't I access the premium forums on eDuck.com or Cougfan.com?

If you signed up for the Total Access Pass on this web site, Dawgman.com was designated as your "home" site and your membership provided you with exclusive access to Dawgman.com's premium forums. It does not allow access to premium forums on team web sites other than your designated "home" site.

You also have access to the recruiting experts' premium forums. It's a great opportunity to "ask the experts" about the most promising Husky prospects.

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Why can't Dawgman.com employees sign me up for a membership, change my password, e-Mail address or cancel my subscription for me?

Technically we can, but for your account security, we request that members give their own account information on sign up, and perform any account maintenance including changes to their e-Mail addresses and subscription cancellations via our secure web interface.

To do so, click the "My Account" link in the upper right of the front page of the site. Login if prompted, then click the "My Member Profile" link. Make any changes to your login information here. The *Username cannot be changed on active subscription accounts.

To cancel your membership, click the "My Account" link in the upper right of the front page of the site. Login if prompted, then click the "My Subscriptions" link. Click the "Cancel this subscription" link that appears beneath the pertinent subscription, then follow the instructions on the ensuing confirmation page.

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How do I change my Username?

It is not possible to change a username on an active Total Access Pass membership account. Once the username has been created, it is locked down.

The only way to change a username is to:
  1. Cancel recurring billing on your current membership.
  2. Then wait until your membership lapses (at the end of your current prepaid billing period).
  3. Then signup again from scratch, with a different email address, so you'll be allowed to select a brand new username for the forums.
If you want to make sure that your desired username will be available when the time comes to sign up again, create a "free" login account now. The account can be used on the free forums immediately (you'll just need to logout/login when switching between accounts). Once your current premium account has lapsed, you can use the second account to resubscribe to the site.

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OK, I signed up for the Total Access Pass and the Sports Washington package. When do I get my magazine?

Please allow five to seven weeks for your first issue to arrive.

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How do I figure out when my subscription is due for renewal?

Account status information is available by clicking on the "My Account" link located on the upper right side of the front page. Login if prompted, then click "My Subscriptions" to view your subscription status.

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How do I cancel recurring billing (automatic renewal)?

Your Subscription will be automatically renewed and your credit card account will be charged per the billing cycle of your subscription (e.g. Monthly, 3-Month, 6-Month, Annual), unless you cancel prior to the first calendar day of the month of the renewal date. You may review your account and subscriptions by clicking the My Account link and may cancel your subscriptions by contacting us during business hours via telephone at 1-888-501-5752 as described by the My Subscriptions page.

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I have not received my magazine this month. Who do I contact?

Sports Washington magazine is published 10 times per year, August through May; no publications are printed in June or July. Magazines are usually shipped during the first week of the month and should arrive no later than mid-month. However postal service levels can vary significantly from region to region. If you have not received your publication by the 15th, please notify the Publisher's call center directly, 1-888-501-5752 during normal business hours of 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific (10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Eastern), Monday through Friday.

Your shipping address will be verified and missing issues will be replaced if necessary.

During non-business hours, or periods of heavy call volume, you may leave a voicemail message with your name and number to have them return your call.

The National Recruiting Guide is published just two times per year (october and May). Subscriptions purchased before September 1st and April 1st can expect to receive the October and May Recruiting Guides respectively. Missing issues should be directed to the call center for replacement (see above).
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