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Pre-Season Quick Take - Phil Steele

With less than a month to go before fall camp, it's now that point in the year when the pre-season magazines start tumbling out of bookstores and stands, and they all definitely have opinions all their own when it comes to where UW will finish. We'll be breaking down each of the top pre-season mags, starting with the one that claims to be the most accurate over the last decade - Phil Steele.

Phil Steele has ranked Washington tied for fifth in the Pac-10 with Stanford and Oregon State and behind USC, Oregon Arizona and California. He has the Huskies outside of his top-40 teams in the country, but he does have the Huskies as the No. 1 most-experienced team returning to the Pac-10, and the tenth most-experienced nationally - as well as No. 36 in his 'power poll', which is a combination...