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Tyrone the Citizen moves on

Tyrone Willingham's Final Walk (

BERKELEY, Calif. - Leaving the program he recently characterized as 'downtrodden', Tyrone Willingham nearly got out of Dodge unscathed. With an unprecedented 0-12 season now in the books and a million-dollar buyout in his back pocket for the effort, Willingham began to climb the stairs that lead to the opponent's locker room in Memorial Stadium. But he got caught.

The Seattle media nearly missed their last chance to catch Willingham in all his post-game glory. Not that there was much to miss. In fact, it didn't sound like his Washington team heard his message at all. "I didn't really hear what he was saying," cornerback Quinton Richardson said afterward. You didn't miss much, Quinton. Although that's not to say he didn't have his moments. Before the... Recommended Stories