Trip Report: David DeCastro

David DeCastro (

SEATTLE - Bellevue lineman David DeCastro went into this weekend's official visit with Washington knowing he'd probably have fun. But a good time does not create a foundation for arguably the most important decision of a young life - especially one for a student-athlete that had already committed to Stanford. But something happened to DeCastro this weekend - something a little unexpected.

"I had a good time," he told about his visit to Montlake. "I met with the players and did all the normal stuff. It definitely helped me form some thoughts to think about if I made the right decision in going to Stanford. I don't know what my final decision is going to be. I'm still Stanford-committed, but I'm not totally sure."

DeCastro said that right now he's probably '70-30' toward the Cardinal at this point, but that 30 percent for Washington is up from single-digits just a few weeks ago. "I'm more Stanford right now," he said. DeCastro verbally committed to Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh during the May Evaluation period.

Ever since that decision, the hometown Huskies have always envisioned trying to keep the 6-foot-5, 290-pound DeCastro - rated as the No. 3 center in the country by - inside their fence. But Stanford and their academic reputation are a combination that's always hard to beat.

"It's really hard," DeCastro said, admitting that his official visit to Washington probably muddied up his mind more than it helped to clarify just where he stands in regards to the recruiting process. "There's tons of support for U-Dub (Washington) and I'm getting all that pressure from random people. It's pretty tough. It's hard to find stuff to judge the schools on, because they are both great schools. On paper, Stanford would be a better school for the academics, but we'll see. There's a lot of things that aren't on paper, intangibles - like interacting with the guys - that make it tough.

"The guys that I met, they are all really cool - Cody Bruns, Drew Schaefer, Alameda (Ta'amu) - I got along with all of them really well. And even the players there on the team right now, like Cody Habben, I could get along with them." Habben was his player host.

And his conversations with the Washington coaches, including Head Coach Tyrone Willingham? "They've been telling me the obvious things - like how this class is going to be the one to turn things around, get things back on track - stuff like that," DeCastro said.

If the Huskies' plan was to get DeCastro to second-guess his initial decision to attend Stanford, they've succeeded. But there's no reward for second place in recruiting. They still have plenty of work to do to overcome DeCastro's initial attraction to the Farm.

"Whenever signing day comes, I'll make my decision," he said. Recommended Stories

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