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By-The-Numbers: Idaho State

By-The-Numbers is Back! (

By-The-Numbers is back! Boy did we have a good time ringing up the damage done in the Windy City! Six Hundred Fifteen yards and 34 points - but that is going to seem like child's play Saturday as Washington hosts the Idaho State Bengals, arguably the biggest paper tiger in Division-1 Football today. I'm not sure I have an abacus large enough to handle all the zeros, but we'll persevere as always!

NOTE: Idaho State statistics are for FCS, while Washington statistics are for FBS Idaho ST. AT. Washington Sept 21, Noon TV: Pac12 NW Husky StadiumFieldTurf IDAHO ST. WASHINGTON Overall Record 2-0(.1000) 2-0(1.000) Location Record 0-0(.000) on the road 1-0(1.000) at home Scoring/G: PF&PA(Rank) 34.5(27) 8.5(1) 36.0(47) 15.0(20) Yardage/G: YF&YA... Recommended Stories