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Huskies Their Own Worst Enemy…Again


SEATTLE - In the great State of Washington, 'Couging It' holds a special place among quite a few of the natives - and especially when it comes to college football. It's a badge of honor, a right and position reserved for those special few that take pride in pulling defeat out of the jaws of victory with consistency and ease, as if it was their life's calling - their destiny.

After Washington's 24-14 loss to USC Saturday night, a game where the Husky defense held the opposition to zero points and 173 yards of offense in the second half, I'm sure UW fans are wondering just which football God they pissed off to lose games in such an ugly and ridiculous manner. This team is still a couple area codes away from 'Couging It', and when you mention 'Couging It' in reference... Recommended Stories