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Da Bears, Da Bears, We Bowlin' with Da Bears!

Robert Griffin III

Alright, here we go, down to Texas to play a team from Texas in a full house, on national TV (ESPN HD), against one of the most exciting players in all of college football. There is no doubt the 7-5 Washington Huskies will be a decided underdog to the 9-3 Baylor Bears, who just happened to have finished their season on a five-game winning streak, including wins over both Oklahoma and Texas.

Wow! This is certainly a tough draw but if somehow these Huskies can play like they did in last year's bowl game against Nebraska then they might stand a chance of pulling off yet another classic upset. Oh, and I forgot to say Da Bears have the No. 2 passing game in America, featuring one of the most electric players in the nation, quarterback, Robert Griffin III, who is also a Heisman... Recommended Stories