Dawg Blog - Apple Cup

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It's Apple Cup week! Whether you are a Washington or Washington State fan, it's that time where you get to talk trash to the other side of the state and wear your colors like your life depended on it. Who is going to win? Will a lacerated liver be the difference between victory and defeat at Century Link Field? Will either fanbases have functioning livers by the end of the game?

Eric Dore: 11/22/2011 6:56 pm Austin Seferian-Jenkins Tuesday Quotes On if he's had disappointing games like the OSU one before: "Oh yeah, tons of times.  It's happened before where you've had a tough loss or you drop a ball where you think you really should have caught it and it could have changed the game.  But it happens, no one's perfect, the only one who is perfect is God and I know I'm not...